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Episode 4: Resurrection To Pentecost—The Meaning of John 20:22

Author: Dr. Mark Flattery

Welcome to Network211’s JourneyTalks. We want to help you discover and grow in your journey with God. We will engage the Bible with you so that you can understand better what it teaches and also so that you can apply it to your daily life.

We are starting our series called, “Resurrection to Pentecost.” Today, we present Episode Four: The Meaning of John 20:22.

Your host is Dr. Mark Flattery. He serves as President of Network211. Mark is a career missionary who has served in ministry all of his adult life. He is the author of “Stand Firm: What to Do When Life Knocks You Down.”

Our guest is Dr. Robert Menzies. Dr. Menzies is one of the leading Pentecostal scholars in the world today. He is a scholar, teacher, and missionary. His insights into John 20:22 will inspire and challenge you. Titles of books that he has written include, “Spirit and Power: Foundations of Pentecostal Experience,” “Speaking in Tongues: Jesus and the Apostolic Church as Models for the Church Today,” and “Pentecost: This Story is Our Story.”

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Questions for Reflection

  1. Read John 20:19-23.
  2. The Gospel of John was the last of the four Gospels to be written. What was John’s purpose in writing?
  3. John teaches about the Holy Spirit in John chapters 3-7. What images does John give us that relates to the Holy Spirit? Based on these chapters, what role does the Holy Spirit play in to our coming to Christ as our Savior and Lord?
  4. John teaches about the Holy Spirit as our Paraclete, our Advocate. What role does the Holy Spirit play in enabling us to share our faith with others?
  5. What was the importance of God breathing in Genesis 2 and Ezekiel 37? What is the importance of Jesus breathing on the disciples in John 20:22?
  6. The Holy Spirit brings us to repentance in Christ and to empower us to be His witnesses to the world. What is the Lord saying to you now?

What's Next

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