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I’m Waiting on God to Know His Will

Author: The Journey Online Team

Is there anything I should do while waiting?

Take the next logical step.

Don’t get caught in the “paralysis of analysis,” but instead keep up the daily routine, your spiritual eyes and ears alert to God’s small surprises. Waiting on God is not passive, but going about your tasks, knowing that God is orchestrating all for your good.

Engage in Thanksgiving

Praise keeps us expectant and hopeful and is a terrific antidote against discouragement. Worship rivets our attention on the capability of the Guide.

Maintain a Lifestyle of Helping Others

The scriptural injunction to do good to others (even putting their interests above our own) keeps our needs in perspective. And interaction with other members of Christ’s body often is part of the equation of God’s response to our petitions.

Approach the Process of Knowing God’s Will as an Adventure

Paul Tournier, the Swiss psychiatrist, said: “Life is an adventure directed by God.” Fullness of joy is a distinct trait of the Christian, and discovering God’s will should only increase that sanguinity.

Factor in your Personal Desires and Tastes

The person who delights himself in relationship with the Savior can find his personal desire frequently fulfilled. (Psalm 37:4) The man whose heart is bent toward God most often finds his desires are in harmony with God’s. There is no dichotomy.

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