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I’m Not Stupid

Author: Dave Beroth

This past week I read about a learning specialist assigned to examine why some of the children at a particular school had not done very well scholastically. As the learning specialist examined one young man, she found there was a strange disconnect between what went into his brain and what he could write down on paper.

If you’d ask him the questions, he could tell you the answers. But if he had to write it down he could not do it. How well do you think he had done in school? Miserable. But he did not know why until that day. At the faculty meeting at the end of the day, the learning specialist invited this young man to speak to the teachers and she asked him a question: “John, before today, what did you think about yourself?” Using adolescence language he said: “I thought I was stupid.”

Then she said, “John, now what do you know about yourself?” And with tears streaming down his cheeks he said the words, “Now I know I’m not stupid!” She told him who he really was and what he could really do. She gave him a great gift – a new identity! What did God do for you?

There are some people who think to themselves: “God must hate me, knowing who I am, and what’s happened in my life” No. You are profoundly loved and you are powerfully changed. God, in Christ gives you a new identity. (Ephesians 1:3-9)

When I remember who I am, I live differently. In Christ, you can build a life, not on what you were, but on who you are now.
In what areas do you need to be reminded of your new identity as a child of God?

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