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Author: The Journey Online Team

During my life, I have talked with many people who are older than me, seeking their advice about the direction I should take in my life.

Parents, pastors, schoolteachers, Sunday school teachers and others can provide valuable guidance for life’s direction. They can fill our cup of wisdom, and we can gain from them knowledge, skills and lifelong habits. If we seek advice in the wrong places we may pick up bad habits.

Some adults can help with basic things, and pastors and their staff can answer our spiritual questions. Our parents wouldn’t call a plumber to fix the electrical system in our house or an electrician to fix our plumbing. The Lord has provided the well of the Church to quench our spiritual needs.


We start developing habits from the time we are born. Throughout our lives we may pick up good habits as well as bad ones. We choose which ones we will allow to control our lives. The bad ones, the ones of the flesh, will only lead to disaster. This is why young people need to plant their roots in church and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them and help them to develop good habits that will set them on the right course for their lives.

Charlie was a good young boy who attended church regularly. There he was receiving a basic knowledge of the Lord and a good foundation to live his life on. However, his parents attended church only twice a year, at Christmas and at Easter. So living in that environment, Charlie soon learned his parents’ bad habit of part-time church attendance. This continued until Charlie was old enough to be on his own and then, sure enough, he stopped going to church and grew away from the Lord.

In church we can be with people we enjoy being with and continue to develop the right habits throughout our lives.

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