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Tales of Glorien Episode 2: The Good King’s Treasure Part 2

Author: The Journey Online Team

Last week, we learned that Elmarie and her father, the Good King of Glorien were going on a treasure hunt to discover the king’s greatest treasure. It wasn’t the horses or the soldiers. It wasn’t the gold in the treasure room or the statues in the throne room. Can you guess what the Good King treasures most?

When today’s story ends, something very important takes place. Will you watch for it? Do you understand what it means?


Do you want to be one of Jesus’ friends? Here is a prayer you can say to get you started:

“Dear Jesus, I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I know that You came to give me your friendship and love. I want to be your friend and have you lead me on your great adventure for my life. Help me to hear you and follow you all of my life. Amen!”

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