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What Good is a Date Night

Author: Crystal Ortmann

“How can we recapture the romance of our dating time?” I mused out loud.

We celebrated our 27th anniversary a few months ago and although we have an excellent relationship with lots of affection, something seemed missing.

I read recently, in an online article, about planning romance.

I scoffed at that, thinking, “How could that be fun? Wouldn’t that remove the spontaneity and thus the romance?”

As I continued to read, it explained how it can be a time to look forward to, just like I looked forward to dates when I was single. My husband Frank and I discussed it and decided to give it a try.

We made a few ground rules first.

  • We would do something inexpensive that fit our budget.·
  • We would do something that helped us focus on each other.
  • We would not talk about problems.
  • We would alternate who plans the night, so both are feeling a part.

“The first time, I felt a little silly.”

I’m 60 years old and what did I think I was doing?

However, I persevered and found my mind coming back over and over to our upcoming date. As I physically prepared by showering, putting on my makeup, fixing my hair, and dabbing on some perfume, I started feeling as excited as a schoolgirl. It made me laugh.

When Frank came home from work, I told him what I was thinking. He said he looked forward to our date, too.

We walked in a new shopping area, looking in the windows of unfamiliar stores and holding hands. We then came home and ate chocolate pudding with lots of whipped cream. It was magical, because it was so out of the routine.

The next week, the heat was extreme. It was my turn to pick the place we went. I must admit, I wasn’t too excited. I wanted to pack a picnic and go to a new park in the area, but it was too hot. We live in a retirement community and are blessed to have three pools in our town.

I thought, “That’s it! We can use the pools for free!”

Out came the swimsuits and we walked hand-in-hand to the nearby swimming pool. There wasn’t a soul there and we played like children. It thoroughly relaxed us and cooled us down.

While I had my back to him at the other end of the pool, Frank jumped off the side in an amazing cannonball! I still chuckle thinking about it. All of a sudden, I felt inundated by the resulting tsunami! I made him do it again so I could watch, and then giggled like a young girl at the silliness of it all.

Our date didn’t cost a penny and yet we laughed and played and had a wonderful time.

I can’t wait until the next week.

Later on, I again mused over the truth of that article I read. With something so simple, we found new spice for our marriage. It takes us beyond the rut and helps us think unselfishly about what might please the other. We laugh, we hug, and we enjoy that wonderful partner with whom God blessed us.

If anyone asks me now, “What good is a date night?”I have the answer ready.

It’s a priceless treasure, adding joy and enrichment to the routine of living.

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