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God is Never Late

Author: Barbara Lighthizer

“I don’t know how much longer I can work at the bank, Mom,” said Jess.

“The salary will never allow me to support a family even with my college degree. I need a career where I feel I’m making a difference, and banking isn’t it.” Months passed but no matter which line of business Jess considered, nothing appeared to be a good fit.

Going back to school seemed overwhelming and financially impossible. The thought that he may have spent his years in college preparing for a field that gave him no satisfaction was depressing.

The demands on the bank employees increased, which added to his stress. Jess decided to take a temporary job while he determined what to do with his life. The new position paid salary for three months, and if he decided to remain, it would be commission only.

Still No Solution

As the three-month deadline approached, with still no solution, Jess became desperate. He continued to pray for the Lord’s direction.

One day, Jess decided to review the Career Evaluation Profile test, which he had taken when he was in college. This test was available to students to show them in which career areas they showed the maximum potential. The results revealed that Jess had greater strength in teaching than in business. Coming from a business-oriented family, he had never given teaching a serious thought until now.

Jess had been asked several months before to teach a Sunday School class of elementary age children. He found the experience enjoyable and the children loved him. At the time, being asked to teach did not seem to be significant. However, in light of his search for a new career and the results of the CEP, it appeared that the Lord was setting the stage to show Jess which direction to take.

Before making a final decision, he talked with a Christian family member, who was an elementary school teacher and was now a school principal. She shared with Jess not only what was involved in receiving a teacher’s certificate but also what it was like being a teacher.

Jess made contact with a friend who taught in an elementary school and asked if he could visit the classroom. He loved the school atmosphere and the children.

Finding Peace in His Heart

Finally, Jess had peace in his heart, and he knew beyond any doubt where God wanted him. He was elated.bHe knew without a doubt where God wanted him

Jess contacted the college where he would obtain his Master’s Degree in Education. He had only a couple of weeks to complete registration, receive approval for a student loan and arrange housing. Each step of the process was completed on time, and classes started a few days after Jess’ temporary job ended. He was on his way to the career where he would find fulfillment and make a difference in the lives of many children.

Nothing is impossible with God. He knows who we are and what is best for us. He also knows how and when to answer our prayers.

No matter how long it takes, “God is never late.”


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