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Faith – Taking a Leap

Author: Mark Novales

We live in a world that by and large ignores faith.

A world that discredits faith and those who try to live by it.

I do not consider myself a great man of faith, but my faith continues to grow as I experience the power of faith. I continue to see that as we move in faith we do please God. He yearns for people who would live by faith.

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

Hebrews 11:6

Quick story: By faith, I took a step into nothingness and as my foot progressed into that emptiness,

God created firm ground for me to place my feet upon. The ground consisted of my wife, children, a launch team, a school auditorium, some financial resources, CityReach Network, & most importantly, increased faith.

The Holy Spirit began to call me to plant a church about 4 years ago. I had nothing to move forward with except the promise that I wasn’t even sure was God. I felt like it was God, but couldn’t guarantee it. As I asked the Lord what it looked like, He gave me tiny glimpses of this promise. I saw about 5 people in my basement worshiping the Lord. I saw my son worshiping and playing piano. That was enough for me to move forward.

As I began to share the dream with others, they looked at me with confusion.

Over time, God began to move their hearts. First was my wife, then my kids, followed by some friends and family.

Shortly afterwards, I met Pastor Brian Bolt. The rest is history. Three years later we are in an old theater where many come to experience the Love of Jesus. The crazy thing is that God never ever showed me the theater, the people, the seats, the transformation that was to occur. He knew that my faith was nowhere near that. It was too big for my lack of faith. He understood that if He showed me what would come to pass, I would’ve probably stopped in my tracks. It was too much for me at the time. He only showed me my basement.

God’s vision for you is much greater than your faith can perceive right now.

Thankfully, our small steps of faith stir the heart of God and those same meager steps are enough to move mountains, create firm ground, and exceed our wildest dreams. I would urge you to grab your faith (no matter how small) and take steps out of your comfort zone. Trust God to guide you as you move forward. You must do this in humility all the while acknowledging that He is in control. He had greater things in store for me that I could never have imagined. He has the same thing in store for you!

God is willing and longing to completely turn your world around if you would just let go of your plans, your wisdom, your logic, and take some steps of faith. You decide to either live surrounded by people who miss out on the adventure of the Gospel or step out of your comfort zone and live out a new faith adventure!

Pastor Mark Novales planted CityReach Church Philly in 2013. Pastor Mark has served as a Major in the US Army for twenty-seven years and is a graduate of Excelsior College with his MDiv from Biblical Seminary. Mark and his wife, Wanda, are the proud parents of two wonderful sons.

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