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Existing vs. Living

Author: Chad Dawes

Survival is the key to our existence.

I once asked a friend what she wanted to do with her life. She said, “I guess I just want to survive.” I shrugged it off with a quick laugh, and the conversation continued. But I never stopped thinking about that statement. If I said that the hardest thing in life is to survive and everything else is a bonus, then I wouldn’t be honoring the truth. But at the same time, if I didn’t acknowledge that fact, then I would be lying to myself.

Living and Existing

Now done with my morning shower, it’s off to the dryer where my shorts and shirt have been ironing out themselves. Still thinking about the issue of survival, I come to the realization that there is a fine line between living and just existing. If you just exist, then your survival depends on the day’s ending; if you are living, then your survival depends on the day’s beginning. That is why we must renew our minds daily. In order for God to open all of the new opportunities that He has for us, we must first be willing to live a life!

Even if I removed sin from my life but am not moving in the direction that God has for me, then I’m still not living. What should I do? I guess the key isn’t in the answer; it’s in the question. Maybe it’s that I always try so hard to do something when God just wants me to stop for a moment and simply receive His Word.

With my shoes on and a last check to see if I have everything, I finally leave for work, still pondering my own existence.

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