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Everyone’s Life Has Meaning

Author: Crystal Ortmann

“She’s far too old and is just a bother.”

“He’s so deaf that I have to yell to make myself heard!”

“I’m not ready for a baby right now. I’m going to get an abortion.”

“My baby will have birth defects. I can’t cope with that. I’ll get rid of it.”

“It may still be good, but I want the latest version. So let’s toss this one out.”

Society Problem

Our society is drowning in cast-off trash, and human beings are no exception.

People call for assisted suicide and abortion, which are often done for the convenience of someone who is tied up in the “fast lane” of life. Everything must fit into the person’s “schedule.”

We must stand up for the sanctity of life in all its forms. God never makes mistakes. No one is too “trashy” for Him. No one is too old or too young or too inconvenient for His love and purpose.

Each senior citizen has value far beyond what our fickle society–and its worship of the young, beautiful, and selfish–can see. Each person is a precious child of God. Maybe our eyes, ears, and feet don’t work as well as they once did, but we are no less loved by God.

People live much longer now and that can create difficulties. When the older person becomes ill and needs help, both the children and the older parents may feel guilty. This is not something families discuss very often. They tend to have a lot of nebulous ideas of what the future will hold. It’s easy, then, for the parent, especially if one doesn’t want to be a bother, to feel depressed and worthless. It’s also easy for the adult children to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for the parent.

However, old age is an important part of our lives here on earth.

We will get sick and become frail. We may have to “impose” on our children. But, this does not take away our value to society and especially not to our God.

You are important and precious to Him, no matter how old, ill, or frail. Your life has meaning. You can be a source of tremendous testimony to those you love.

Years ago, I read about a man who was completely incapacitated. By society’s standards, he was worthless. He couldn’t talk, walk, or do anything for himself. He had to be fed and diapered. Yet, the powerful part of the story was the response of the caregiver.

I’ll name the invalid “James” and the caretaker “Phil.” Phil cared for this sick man for many years. The work was often arduous and unpleasant. When Phil was asked how he could stand it, he replied that James was one of the greatest blessings in his life. Phil had learned how to truly love another by caring for James.

Phil’s life might have been superficial and useless if it were not for James. Even in the midst of seemingly not being able to give anything, James gave Phil the true meaning of love and life.

No one wants to be useless or a burden, and God does not want us to feel that way, no matter what our physical or mental state may be.

He will take each of us home when He intends to, and we can safely leave that decision in His loving hands. Pain, loneliness, and all the emotions that go with aging can become blessings in God’s hands, because every life has meaning.

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