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Sermon on the Mount – Episode 6: Do Not Murder

Welcome to Network211’s JourneyTalks.

We want to help you discover and grow in your journey with God. We will engage the Bible with you so that you can understand better what it teaches and also so that you can apply it to your daily life.

We continue in our series called, “The Sermon on the Mount” Today, we present Episode Six: Do Not Murder (Matthew 5:21-26).

Your host is Dr. Mark Flattery. He serves as President of Network211. Mark is a career missionary who has served in ministry all of his adult life. He is the author of “Stand Firm: What to Do When Life Knocks You Down.”

Questions for Reflection

  1. There was something within Abel that caused him to react badly when His offering was deemed unacceptable by God. What causes you to react badly when you interact with others (for example, shame, embarrassment, anger)?
  2. Why is it inappropriate for believers to insult and denigrate others?
  3. What is your strategy to respond when you are tempted to become angry?
  4. What actions and attitudes must you adopt when you consider the need for reconciliation with someone who has something against you?
  5. Since each of us are valuable to God, how should we respond to each other?

What's Next

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