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When We Don’t Feel Like It

Author: Steve Coad

There are times in our lives where trials come.

It is in these times that we are able to see our true self come through. It is the same way with your relationship with the Lord. There are going to be times when He calls you to serve Him even though you don’t feel like it. He does this to see if you follow Him because it’s good for you or because you love Him. You must determine to serve Him even when you don’t feel like it in these areas in life

1. In Your Worship

Your worship must be viewed as a sacrifice unto the Lord.
a) Moses’ tabernacle used to sacrifice animals.
b) David introduced the sacrifice of praise.
c) The Priests use to go into the Holy of Holies with a rope and bell attached to their foot to offer sacrifices. If the bell stopped ringing, it meant they were dead. God takes very seriously the sacrifices that we offer up to Him. When Christ died, the veil ripped, allowing all of us to experience the powerful, yet wonderful, presence of the Lord.

God has not changed, he will come to a people that want Him and revere Him.

There is power in His presence and in our praise. There will be times when you don’t feel like worshiping. But when you get a revelation that’s about Him and not you, you will learn to worship Him even when you don’t feel like it!
FACT You know you are growing in the Lord if you can praise, despite how you feel!

2. In Our Dry Time

MUST KNOW – Our faith in Jesus is not based upon feelings. It is based on the facts of God’s word. The thing with facts is that they are true whether you feel like it or not. Facts do not change with feelings.
Example – In Alaska, there are times in the day that you do not even see the sun because it is so dark. Just because you don’t see or feel the sun, doesn’t mean you doubt the sun is there. You know it is there because the sun is not a feeling, it is a factual reality.
John 8:32 – “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. It doesn’t say, You will feel the truth.”
THOUGHT If you don’t ever go through a dry time with the Lord…you are doing something wrong!…What is a dry time…nothing more than losing the feeling!!

3. In Our Emotions

You will never succeed in life until your will learns to dictates to your emotions how to act…not your emotions dictate your will.
Example – I choose to be a good Christian.
Have you ever known someone who only treats you nice when they feel like it?
The word worship actually means to submit your will to another. God wants us to submit to Him and to our earthly authorities . . . this means your parents!
FACT – Submission does not even start until there is a disagreement. Anyone can submit to something they already agree with . . . that’s not submission.

In Closing

Know that motion results in emotion. The ability to love God is established not so much by your promises to Him, but by your repeated deeds of love for Him. It is amazing that if you act like you love a person, you really do begin to feel like you love them!

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