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Divine Destiny

Did you ever say “All I have is yours, God; please use me”?

I have, many times, and I meant it, too. I usually make this renewed dedication after hearing a motivating sermon or being involved in a time of awe-inspiring worship. I envision myself sharing biblical truths with the women in my Bible study group and their lives being radically changed by something I said. Or I see myself adopting a child who needs a home.

These are wonderful things I dream of doing. But I’m not presently teaching our women’s Bible study group. Furthermore, my husband doesn’t even know I dream of adopting a child. So, where do I begin when God’s spirit stirs my heart to be a woman of divine destiny?

Ecclesiastes 3:11b (NIV) says “He has set eternity in the hearts of men.” This Scripture tells us that God has put it in our hearts to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. First, I believe this Scripture tells us that God has put in the hearts of men and women a desire for eternal life. We know this can only come from salvation through Jesus Christ. Secondly, I believe God has set eternity in the hearts of men through a desire to make our earthly lives count, to make our mark in life.

How does a full-time wife and mother of four children become a woman of divine destiny? There are days I struggle to keep up with the cooking and cleaning, not to mention the ever-growing pile of laundry.

Yet, in each of us, God has put certain gifts and talents.

I love being a hostess and preparing to share an evening with friends.

Finding your divine destiny or “calling” in life involves knowing what your passion is. What brings a smile to your face? What do you enjoy most?

My favorite days are when all six of us are home together. I enjoy making our home a relaxing, fun place to be. I love it when our home is bursting with the smell of freshly baked bread or chocolate chip cookies. I am especially energized when the house is clean and orderly (which happens every six months or so if I’m lucky). I love being a hostess and preparing to share an evening with friends.

There are times I struggle with this simple ministry of hospitality and encouragement. Our home is over sixty years old. Many of our friends live in nicer, newer homes. We also have four young children. So the picture perfect house, in my mind’s eye, is forever escaping me.

Yet, when we open our home to friends and I’m in the middle of it all, serving dinner to my guests and making them feel comfortable, it is extremely rewarding for me. I wonder at the end of the evening why I don’t do it more often. It feels like I’ve found my niche.

Being a woman of destiny could mean getting to know your neighbors and showing them what a real Christian is like. It may be encouraging a single mother by having her children over for Saturday playtime while she has a break.

God in His infinite wisdom has set eternity in our hearts.

Finding what His calling is for your life may involve time and energy. It may mean reaching outside your comfort zone. However, the results will be eternal, and ultimately you will one day hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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