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Day 63: What Do You Have?

Author: Fannie Mae Hall

Today’s Scripture: Mark 11:1-3

Central Thought: God wants to use whatever He has placed in our hands

‘Surely, Jesus,” I thought, ‘if you want me to wash feet, I will need a golden basin and a luxurious towel.” I was facing one of those moments when the Lord was speaking to me of how He saw my life and what He wanted me to do with it.

‘No,” He spoke gently to my heart, ‘all you need is an ordinary basin and an ordinary towel.”

The picture that immediately came to mind was a worn orange towel with lots of holes and a chipped porcelain wash pan. I had taken the towel to college with me 20 years earlier, and my rural family of modest means had used the pan for washing hands. I had no ‘golden basin” or ‘luxurious towel;” only a worn orange towel and a chipped basin.

Just as Jesus sent one of his disciples to a specific man who had a donkey on which He would soon ride into Jerusalem, I had some very ordinary, but very practical, resources Jesus could use to bless the people around me. God expected me to use what I had to bless others in a very simple way.

What do you have that Jesus can use to bless others?

Devotional Prayer: Jesus, help me to offer whatever I have to You to bless others, even if it seems insignificant to me.

Today’s Bible Reading: Leviticus 27:14Numbers 1:54Mark 11:1-25Psalm 46:1-11Proverbs 10:23

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