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Day 272: Chain Of Command

Author: Sherman Shell

Today’s Scripture: Ephesians 6:1-9

Central Thought: Following the divinely inspired chain of command will result in God’s blessings on our lives.

The science of psychology talks about the ‘pecking order” found throughout the animal kingdom. That order often parallels the human experience at home, work, church, school, and elsewhere. Some have interpreted our passage for today as God’s pecking order:

At home: God, fathers, mothers, children.

At work: God, top-level managers, mid-level managers, low-level managers, senior workers, new hires.

In the military: God, president, generals; colonels, majors, captains, lieutenants, sergeants, corporals, privates.

Does this sound familiar? This is the order established by God. He says we should be obedient to those who rule over us. But He also warns those in authority to not take such power lightly or use it for self-gain.

Have you been subjected to improper ‘pecking?” Or have you been guilty of improper ‘pecking?” One advantage we have in God’s kingdom is that we can go straight to the top of the chain of command through prayer. God will reprove us if we need reproof, but He will be our advocate when we are being wronged.

Devotional Prayer: Father, help us to obey those in authority over us, and treat those over whom we have authority as we want to be treated.

Today’s Bible Reading: Isaiah 54:1-57:13; Ephesians 6:1-24; Psalm 70:1-5; Proverbs 24:8

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