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OT Fire Starters – Day 97: Judges 5-6

READ: Judges 5-6

THINK: When you read the Bible, listen to a sermon or hear of powerful miracles from the past, do you wonder why we don’t often see such things today? When people need miracles, but nothing happens, do you wonder where God is? Gideon had these questions. Where was God’s presence in the midst of all the problems? It’s a fact that God does powerful things among people by working through individuals who have a desperate desire to see Him at work and are willing to set themselves apart for His purposes. The Lord was with Gideon personally (6:12), and saw him as a “mighty warrior” when Gideon didn’t feel significant in his own family. Perhaps you don’t feel powerful either, yet you long to see God do powerful things. If so, God can use you to work wonders in your generation.

RESPOND: Why do people often use songs to celebrate victories and express gratitude to God? (See 5:1 note.) What can happen among God’s people when their leaders are faithful and the people submit to God (5:2)? After the Israelites rebelled, how did the Midianites intimidate them (6:1-5)? (See 6:1 note.) Why does it often take tough times to turn people to God? (See 6:6 note.) Why are faith and repentance expressed during tough not always genuine? (See 6:6 note, subpoints 1 & 2.) What must genuine faith be based on? Why did Gideon question whether the Lord was with Israel, and why didn’t Gideon consider himself a “mighty warrior” (6:12,15)? (See 6:13 note.) What should we do if we don’t see evidence of God’s power in our churches? How did Gideon react after encountering “the angel of the LORD” (6:22), and why? (See 6:14 note.) What did the Lord tell Gideon to do and how would he be able to fulfill God’s purposes (6:14-16)? (See 6:16 and 6:34 notes.) Why did Gideon ask for a sign and why did God give him one? (See 6:37 note.) What will God do to inspire our faith if we’re willing to do whatever He asks?

PRAY: Think of one thing about yourself or your situation you’ve always felt insecure about. Ask God to help you overcome feelings of inadequacy by showing how you can honor Him through your situation. By exchanging your weakness for God’s strength and your fear for His faith, you’ll do things for which only God can get the glory.

ACT: Write some lyrics or a poem of praise and gratitude to God. Find a place where you can be alone and express praise to God through a song-one you know or one you create in your own words.

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