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OT Fire Starters – Day 96: Judges 3-4

READ: Judges 3-4

THINK: Do you typically learn from your mistakes-or are you more prone to repeat them? While all of us make some mistakes more than once, hopefully you haven’t gotten into the habit of doing the same faulty things time after time. One definition of foolishness could be this: doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result. After the Israelites were pretty much settled in the promised land, during the time of the judges, they fell into a turbulent cycle of rebellion. They defied God, suffered the consequences, cried out to the Lord, got rescued-then fell right back into their rebellious ways. Time after time-generation after generation-they refused to break that stubborn pattern. How about you? Have you been quicker to trust God and learn your lessons?

RESPOND: If we chose to defy God or compromise our relationship with Him by holding on to certain things, why will God allow these things to remain in our lives without immediate judgment (3:1,4)? In this case, how can we prove our faithfulness and obedience to God? How many major cycles of rebellion did the Israelites go through during the time of the judges, and what spiritual truths are revealed by this destructive pattern? (See 3:7 note.) What consequences did Israel experience during these times (3:8,12-14; 4:1-2)? What consequences might we experience if we rebel? Why were the judges able to successfully rescue God’s people? (See 3:10 note.) In what ways did Deborah lead Israel and why was she effective? (See 4:4 note.) Why and in what ways do people sometimes “get ahead” of God while trying to follow His plans, and why is it vital to follow His lead? (See 4:14 note.)

PRAY: Pray for someone you know who is living in rebellion against God. If this describes you in any way, ask God to forgive you as you humbly resubmit yourself to God and His purposes.

ACT: If you’ve been following the annual FBSE reading track, you’ve already encountered challenges to rid your life of questionable things that could lead to spiritual downfall. If any of these things still remain-or if you have allowed some of them back into your life-deal with the issues once and for all so you can move on in your walk with God.

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