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OT Fire Starters – Day 91: Joshua 13-15

READ: Joshua 13-15

THINK: If you listen to the world long enough, you might come away with the impression that the highest success, the biggest achievements and the greatest rewards come from believing in yourself, doing your own thing and fulfilling your own dreams. Such positive rhetoric persuades many people to accept this misguided notion. But in God’s kingdom, it’s faith in Him, not self, that brings true success. Following His plans and purposes, not our own, helps us achieve our ultimate potential. And trusting God-like Caleb-brings godly inheritance and eternal reward.

RESPOND: In what way was God’s promise to drive out the remaining Canaanites conditional? What responsibility did the Israelites have in receiving and experiencing the benefits of God’s promise? (See 13:6 note.) Why did some of the Canaanite people remain in the land, and how did this affect Israel later on? What does this indicate about the importance of complete obedience and how your responses to God now can affect your future? (See 13:6 note.) How did the division of land between Israel’s tribes relate to the promise God made to their ancestors? (See 13:7 note.) Why did the Levites only receive towns to live in and no other shares of land (13:33)? Why did Caleb receive a special portion of land (14:6- 15)? (See 14:14 note.) What are some personal benefits and rewards of trusting and obeying God wholeheartedly?

PRAY: Give God thanks for the promises of His Word, and ask Him to help you obey and live by the principles in it so you can lay hold of His promises.

ACT: Is there anything in your life right now that may not be among God’s best intentions for you? Yet He’s been patient, allowing you to make choices, set priorities and learn from your mistakes. It may be an attitude, a relationship, an entertainment habit or a character flaw that could give the wrong impression of Christ. While the adverse affects of this issue may not be apparent now, don’t be fooled-it could lead to trouble down the road. Remove that thing from your life-or remove yourself from that situation-before it keeps you from something significant or comes back to haunt you later.

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