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OT Fire Starters – Day 88: Joshua 5-6

READ: Joshua 5-6

THINK: Is there a wall in your life, your emotions, or your circumstances-a wall that fences you in, keeps you out, or holds you back. It could be a wall of fear, guilt, insecurity, opposition, stubbornness, or anything that sets a barrier between you and your destiny. Perhaps you’ve tried to scale the wall, break through it or go around it, but to no avail. Have you been relying on your own ideas, strength or will-power to break free and get past the wall? If so, it’s time to turn the battle over to God and let Him bring the wall down His way. Your part is to follow the guidelines of God’s Word and obediently respond to what He’s shown you, even if it defies your own reasoning. Then trust the rest to Him. Remember, you must rely on God’s strength and strategies if you hope to experience God’s success.

RESPOND: What was the significance of circumcision for the Israelites? Who was the “man” with the sword whom Joshua met near Jericho? (See 5:14 note.) Why did the angel say that he was neither for nor against Israel’s army? What was required of the Israelites to gain victory over Jericho? (See 5:14 note.) Why are God’s promises often contingent on people’s obedience? What was Jericho like and how was it significant in Israel’s overall conquest of Canaan? (See 6:1 note.) What unusual strategy did the Lord give Joshua for conquering Jericho? What did it mean that “the city and all that is in it are to be devoted to the LORD.” and why did God require this? (See 6:17 note.) What were the miraculous aspects of the collapse of Jericho’s walls? (See 6:20 note.) How is the mass destruction of Jericho’s inhabitants consistent with God’s character? (See article on The Destruction of the Canaanites, p. 285 in the FBSE.)

PRAY: Ask God for discernment to recognize the “battles” He wants you to fight and the ones He wants you to avoid. Pray for wisdom and discipline to follow His strategies. Thank Him for the victories you have through His strength.

ACT: Think of one “wall” in your life right now that stands in the way of a victory or purpose God has for you. Is there any way in which you’re not trusting or obeying God in this, or any, aspect of your life? Make sure you’re practicing obedience as you rely on God for the strategy to bring the wall down. Commit this issue to prayer and respond without hesitation to whatever God shows you from His Word. Each step of the way, trust God’s guidance and do whatever you sense Him telling you to do. The rest is up to Him. Let Him do the miracle and bring the victory.

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