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OT Fire Starters – Day 85: Deuteronomy 33-34

READ: Deuteronomy 33-34

THINK: Who’s your best friend, and how did you get to know him or her so well? You may seem to have met by chance, but you certainly didn’t become best buds by accident. No doubt you made a deliberate effort to spend time together, interacting and enjoying each other’s company. The same is true when it comes to companionship with God. You can develop a deep friendship with Him only as you spend time getting to know Him. Moses’ first encounter with God was unusual, to put it mildly, and Moses didn’t make the best first impression with his string of stammering excuses (Exodus 3:1 to 4:17). Yet, God knew Moses’ heart. What’s more, Moses wanted to know God’s heart, and he was willing to put self aside and give God full attention. Moses understood that getting to know God meant spending constant time in His presence and learning to listen to God. And what he heard, he humbly obeyed. That’s why God spoke through Moses and that’s why Moses knew God face to face (34:10).

RESPOND: In what way and for what reason did God bless the Levites, and how did this relate to God’s law? (See 33:9 note.) In what ways and under what circumstances must you stand with Christ and uphold His Word in the face of opposition? How can Jesus’ followers view death, and why? (See 34:1 note.) In what way do Christ’s followers get a glimpse of their “promised land,” and how does this provide hope and perspective now? Would Moses ever set foot in the earthly promised land? (See 34:5 note.) Why do you think God himself buried Moses in an unknown location? What special relationship did God have with Moses, and why? (See 34:10 note.) Why was Moses used so powerfully by God? How can you take full advantage of the opportunity for a personal relationship with God?

PRAY: Pray for strength to stand up for God and His Word when others pressure you the wrong way. Thank Jesus that you don’t have to fear anything in life-including death-if you follow Him. Pray for someone who needs a miracle or is facing the prospect of death. Ask God to provide peace through a personal relationship with Jesus.

ACT: If you have the opportunity to be with any of the people you just prayed for, ask if you can pray for them in person. Also, take every opportunity and spare moment throughout the day to interact with God through prayer. Perhaps you could take special time for a walk through a favorite spot. Don’t simply talk to Jesus, but more importantly, listen for what He wants to say about himself or your situations. Do this regularly to build your friendship with Jesus.

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