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OT Fire Starters – Day 84: Deuteronomy 31-32

READ: Deuteronomy 31-32

THINK: Have you ever faced something that seemed unbearable or insurmountable? Why does God allow us to encounter such things? Don’t we get more done and get further along when things go smoothly? Not necessarily. Think about it-when are people more likely to look to God, when things are going great, or when times are tough? Ironically, while good times should evoke gratitude to God, they often cause us to forget Him. On the other hand, desperation can direct us to God and difficulties can keep us dependent on Him. When you feel weak and inadequate, rely on God and you’ll find your greatest strength. Follow Him, and you have nothing to fear, no matter what you face.

RESPOND: Why didn’t Israel have to fear as they crossed into the promised land (31:3-6)? Why can you have this same assurance? (See 31:8 note.) How does God’s guidance and presence produce strength and courage (cf. 31:6)? How can God’s promise to Joshua (31:7-8) inspire you with your leadership responsibilities? What do we have today as a result of Moses putting God’s law in written form? (See 31:9 note.) After all they had experienced, why would Israel forsake God, and what would happen as a result? (See 31:16 note.) Why do you think the Lord made His covenant with the Israelites, even though He knew they would continue to defy Him (31:21)? Even after experiencing God’s blessing, why are people still prone to go their own way and indulge in evil? What are some of God’s character traits mentioned in Moses’ song? How does the song describe God’s care and protection? What was the primary purpose of Moses’ song? (See 31:30 note.) What did the song teach about God and about people? When are people more likely to forget God and when are they more likely to turn to Him, and why? (See 32:15 note.) What powers are really behind false gods, and what warning does this present for God’s people? (See 32:17 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for going ahead of you to clear the right paths and remove spiritual hindrances. Thank Him for the courage He gives as you trust Him. Pray for God’s guidance in any leadership or ministry roles you have.

ACT: Take a bold step that you’ve sensed God wanting you to take for a while now. Trust that He’s gone before you to prepare the way. This could involve starting a conversation with someone that you’ve wanted to share Christ with, inviting a non-Christian friend to church or helping to start a new ministry or outreach at church or school.

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