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OT Fire Starters – Day 8: Genesis 20-22

READ: Genesis 20-22

THINK: How many people do you know? Given enough time, you could probably name dozens-even hundreds- with whom you are acquainted. But even among those with whom you have a closer relationship, how many could you really count on? There’s a difference between knowing someone and being able to trust them when everything is on the line. Sometimes we trust people less as we get to know them and discover that they don’t always keep their word. With God, however, greater intimacy always leads to greater faith. If you hesitate to trust Him with a particular area of your life, it’s probably because you don’t know Him as well as you should. As you surrender to God and grow in relationship with Him, you’ll realize that you can always count on His promises- even when you don’t fully understand how He’s working them out in your life.

RESPOND: How did God demonstrate His care and mercy, despite Abraham’s momentary lack of faith and obedience in chapter 20? (See 20:2 note.) What ultimate test of faith did God take Abraham through, and why do you think that God tested him in this way? (See 22:1 and 22:2 notes.) In what way did Abraham’s statements to his servants (22:5) and to Isaac (22:8) reveal the strength of his faith in God’s promises? (See 22:5 and 22:8 notes.) What did Abraham prove by his willingness to sacrifice his son, and in what way is this an example to all who follow God? (See 22:12 note.) In what way did God himself make the ultimate provision and in what way did this God do exactly what He had asked Abraham to do? (See 22:8 note.) What does the fact that Lord will provide” (22:14) teach us about trusting God and fulfilling His purposes? (See 22:14 note.) What did God do after Abraham had passed this ultimate test of faith? (See 22:18 note.) Why would God test you if He already knows everything about you? In what way can such testing strengthen your character and cause you to evaluate your devotion to God?

PRAY: Surrender every area of your life to God so you can experience the fulfilment of following His perfect plan. Let God know that you’re willing to give Him everything so that He might use it to accomplish His purposes.

ACT: If you’re still holding back any aspect of your life from God, surrender without further delay. Take some kind of action today to demonstrate that you are surrendering this part-and every part-of yourself to Christ.

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