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OT Fire Starters – Day 68: Numbers 27-28

READ: Numbers 27-28

THINK: Are you a leader or follower? Most individuals seem to think that they are their own person-doing their own thing and in charge of their own life. But in reality, even many leaders are just head-of the-line trend followers. Most people-young and old-seem content to go with the flow. Even those who take issue with the culture aren’t typically willing to do anything about it. Very few people actually have the guts, the vision, the drive or the discipline to step out the crowd, break away from the norm and attempt to make a positive change in the world. That’s the kind of followers God wants-those who are ready to lead people to Him by being positively different from the surrounding society-those who can influence others to break free from their aimless routines and look to the only One worth following: Jesus.

RESPOND: In what way did God break from cultural norms by what He did for the daughters of Zelophehad? (See 27:4 note.) What does this indicate about how God’s ways compare with people’s ways? In what way did the new law in 27:8-11 show how God looks out for families? In this passage, how did God preserve greater dignity for women? What was “the spirit” that was in Joshua, and how did this qualify and prepare him for leadership? (See 27:18 note.) What spiritual principle was illustrated by the continual offerings and sacrifices to God? (See 28:3 note.) How does this principle apply to Christ’s followers today? In what way can we make spiritual “offerings” and “sacrifices” to God on a continual basis, and what benefits do you gain from this? (See note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks that He does not look at situations and people the way that humans do. Pray for His Spirit to empower and equip you for your specific life purposes. Thank Him for the opportunity to relate to Him continually through prayer and His Word.

ACT: Have you misjudged someone or treated anyone unfairly? If so, humble yourself, go to that person, apologize and do what you can to make things right. Also, go through the day in a constant attitude of prayer, talking to God whenever you’re alone, and listening to Him at all times. During free periods, spend extra time in God’s Word, perhaps reading from the Proverbs or one of the gospels.

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