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OT Fire Starters – Day 61: Numbers 11-13

READ: Numbers 11-13

THINK: How often do you find yourself listening to complaints? Do people feel the need to unload their frustrations on you, whether you have anything to do with the situations or not? While you want friends to feel free to talk when they’re frustrated or confused, you may need to ask yourself a question if this happens frequently. Do you invite complaints by being overly sympathetic to gossip, grumbling and grievances? You’ll tend to attract the attitudes you reflect to others. But complaining often reveals a lack of faith, maturity, and consideration. As a follower of Christ, you should practice an attitude of gratitude because it honors God, encourages others and refreshes you.

RESPOND: Why did the people complain, even though they had the obvious benefits of God’s guidance and miraculous provision? (See 11:1 and 11:4 notes.) What does their example reveal about the influence people can have on one another? How do people tend to view the past when their present circumstances are not ideal (cf. 11:4-6)? Why was Moses frustrated with the people? (See 11:12 note.) What help did God provide for Moses, and what does this reveal about how God empowers people for the tasks to which He calls them? (See 11:12 note.) What did the Israelites’ actions reveal about their view of God? (See 11:20 note.) How were Israel’s leaders affected by God’s Spirit coming on them? (See 11:25 note.) How did this relate to Moses’ desire for all people? (See 11:29 note.) How did Moses’ humility affect his relationship and response to God? (See 12:3 note.) What was Aaron’s and Miriam’s primary sin in complaining against Moses? (See 12:10 note.) Since God already knew what was in the promised land, why did He send men to explore it? Though the majority report may have been “realistic,” what was wrong with it (13:26-31)? How did Caleb’s response differ from the others, and how is he an example of faith? What did the “bad report” reveal about the people’s relationship with God? What effect can a bad report have?

PRAY: Give gratitude to God for all of His blessings, benefits and provisions in your life. Pray for the power of God’s Spirit upon your life. Ask the Lord to help you see things from His perspective as you exercise faith in Him.

ACT: Be careful not to complain today. Instead, pray for situations about which you’re concerned. With God’s help, view things from a positive, uplifting, God-honoring perspective that shows in your attitudes and conversations.

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