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OT Fire Starters – Day 5: Genesis 12-14

READ: Genesis 12-14

THINK: Do you know where you’re going? Typically, you need to be aware of your destination-or you’re likely to end up lost. But God doesn’t want you to depend on your own knowledge. When He calls you to fulfill a mission, He doesn’t always tell where you’re going or what’s in store. Of course, He expects you to use wisdom, but He doesn’t want you to over-think the situation, nor does He expect you to have everything figured out before you pursue His purposes. God does not want His followers to have a “seeing is believing” attitude when it comes to faith in Him. God expects His followers to trust Him, regardless of what they see or don’t see. God wants you to learn from experience that when you follow His lead-no matter how you feel or what you see-you’re headed in the right direction.

RESPOND: How would you have felt in Abram’s situation-leaving home, family and everything familiar, with no idea of what’s ahead? What were the unique aspects of God’s call on Abram’s life? (See article on The Call of Abraham, p. 47 in the FBSE.) What do you think God meant when He promised to bless all people through Abram? (See article and 12:3 note.) What can you learn from Abram’s example as you follow God’s plan for your life? (See 12:1 and 12:4 notes.) Does following God’s plan mean you’ll never encounter hardship? Why or why not? (See 12:10 note.) On what factors did Lot base his choice of land? What consequences result from such choices? (See 13:10 and 13:12 notes.) What can you learn from Lot’s self-serving choice and poor judgment? What truths and examples can you discern from Abram’s interaction with Melchizedek? (See 14:18 and 14:20 notes.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you grow in faith and trust Him more, regardless of your feelings or circumstances.

ACT: Is there a situation in your life right now in which you need to demonstrate greater faith in God? Is anything standing in the way of complete trust in God? Take action now to remove any barriers or hindrances to your faith, and determine to take a distinct step of faith in whatever direction you sense God leading you.

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