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OT Fire Starters – Day 48: Leviticus 11-12

READ: Leviticus 11-12

THINK: Do people around you who don’t know Jesus see a distinct and positive difference in your life-in your attitudes, conversations and behavior? If not, how and why would they even consider making a change and following Jesus? It’s sobering to think that some people’s impression of God himself is what they see in you. People are watching. What kind of example will you set and what kind of influence will you have?

RESPOND: Why did God give such specific instructions regarding clean and unclean (i.e., acceptable and unacceptable) foods? (See 11:44 note.) Why don’t many of the food restrictions apply in the same way today as they did in ancient times? Why is holiness necessary for God’s people? (See 11:44 note.) How would you define or describe holiness in regard to God’s character, and how would you describe it in regard to God’s people? (See the Glossary of Terms, p. 2265 in the FBSE.) How was this spiritual purity and separation supposed to affect the Israelites daily lives and behaviors? (See 11:44 note.) In what ways must Christians put this principle into practice? (See 11:44 note, subpoints 1 & 2.) Why and in what ways must Jesus’ followers be different from those who don’t know Christ? Why was a woman considered “unclean” following childbirth, and what are the spiritual implications of this? (See 12:2 note.) Why and in what way are children born with a sinful nature? What spiritual truth does the “uncleanness” of childbirth indicate regarding the need of every person born into the world? (See 12:2 note, subpoint 2.)

PRAY: Give gratitude to God for always looking out for your wellbeing. Pray for His help in pursuing moral purity and avoiding ungodly behavior. Devote yourself to a life that reflects Jesus’ love and character so that people who do not know Him can see His life in you.

ACT: Make a deliberate choice to avoid conversations and images that cause impure or ungodly thoughts. Choose instead to talk in a positive, encouraging and uplifting way, and to look at things that inspire you to think about God and His goodness. Later on, read the article on Campus Missions Commitment to Live, p. 1776 in the FBSE.

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