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OT Fire Starters – Day 4: Genesis 9-11

READ: Genesis 9-11

THINK: What are your greatest goals, dreams and aspirations in life? Like many young people, do you desire fame and fortune? Are you determined to make a name for yourself? There is nothing wrong with aspiring to great things-God created you for a life of significance and influence. He’s even given you the gifts and abilities needed to fulfill His ultimate purpose for your life and bring honor to Him. However, you will miss the mark if you do things your own way or for your own glory. God is not impressed with human ingenuity. He does not bless those who attempt to demonstrate their independence from Him, and He has no need to share His glory with anyone. Yet He honors those who humbly rely on Him and use their God-given abilities to draw attention to Christ. If you are going to put your best efforts into anything, make sure that it brings honor to the Lord and causes others to consider His highest purposes for their own lives.

RESPOND: What does the first mention of wine in the Bible (9:21) indicate about the potential ills and evils associated with intoxicating beverages? (See 9:21 note.) Why did the people want to build a city and tower? (See 11:4 note.) What was the primary sin of the people in Shinar? In what way did they disregard and defy God by endeavoring to build the tower? (See 11:4 note.) How did God interrupt their plans and what was the result? Whose plan failed? Whose plan triumphed? What can we learn from this? Who was Abram and where did he come from and where did he settle with his family before God called him for a special purpose? (See 11:28 and 11:31 notes.)

PRAY: Don’t just ask God to bless your plans and efforts; pray that you are able to discern His plans and intentions for your life and that people will be inspired to trust God because of how you have followed Him.

ACT: Consider the things that consume your greatest time and effort. Are you doing any of this for your own acclaim or glory? Are these even the things God intends for you to pursue? Re-evaluate your priorities and redirect your efforts to ensure that they are in line with God’s plans and that they will somehow bring honor to Him.

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