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OT Fire Starters – Day 362: Zechariah 12-14

READ: Zechariah 12-14

THINK: Imagine you went to the mall and did a survey asking “Who is Jesus, and what is He all about?”. What responses do you think you’d get? Many people might describe Jesus as a wise teacher who started a religion and had lots of good things to say. A few might see Him as a fictional character or even have a negative opinion of Him. Of course, some would actually describe Him as God’s Son, who died for our sins so we could have eternal life with Him. You know that fact from experience if you have a personal relationship with Jesus. But for some to see Jesus as more than a fabled philosopher, religious leader, or moral teacher who died long ago, they must see evidence of how He changes lives, restores hope, and provides peace and purpose most people lack. They must see His life in you.

RESPOND: What does 12:1 convey about God as Creator? When will the events described in 12:3-9 take place, what will many nations try to do, and what will be the end result? (See 12:3-9 note.) What will happen in Israel and among Jews in the last days (12:10-14), and how will many people’s view of Jesus change? (See 12:10-14 and 12:10 notes.) What’s the reason for the mourning described in 12:11-14? (See 12:10 note, subpoints 1 & 2.) What will God do for Jews who turn to Him in the last days (13:1)? (See 13:1-6 note.) Who is the shepherd described in 13:7, how would He be struck down, and what would happen to His followers? (See 13:7 note.) In what ways does God test and refine His people (13:9), and why? What will the coming “day of the LORD” (14:1) mean for those who trusted Christ and for those who rejected Him? (See 14:1 note.) Who will lead nations against Jerusalem in the last days, and what will happen to turn things around (14:2-3)? (See 14:2 and 14:3 notes.) When and how will the prophecy of 14:4 be fulfilled? (See 14:4 note.) How will the world be governed after that, and by Whom (14:9)? (See 14:9 note.)

PRAY: Pray for the spiritual salvation of Jewish people around the world, as they come to acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah-the promised Savior. Praise Jesus as your personal Savior and the coming King over all the earth.

ACT: Go through the day with an awareness of what Jesus’ return means for you as His follower compared to what this means for those who don’t have a personal relationship with Him. Let this inspire you to reach out with words and actions that reflect your faith and could influence others to consider Christ for themselves.

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