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OT Fire Starters – Day 358: Zechariah 1-3

READ: Zechariah 1-3

THINK: Have you ever been accused of something you didn’t do? How did you feel? Confused? Angry? Betrayed? Helpless? How about when you’ve been accused of something you did do? Perhaps you had some of those same feelings- combined with real guilt-making it difficult to move on. Satan knows how debilitating guilt can be, so his prime strategy is to accuse you of what you’ve done wrong, what you haven’t done right, and how you’re unworthy to be used by God. Don’t let the devil stand in the way of God’s plans for you by using your past-or other people-to impede your progress. Let the Lord fight your battles. He’s already defeated the devil and won the ultimate victory.

RESPOND: From what perspective did Zechariah’s visions challenge people to view the temple restoration? (See 1:1 note.) What did God call people to do in 1:3, and what did He promise if they did this? (See 1:3 note.) From the vision in 1:8-11, how did the general state of the world differ from what Judah was experiencing (1:12)? (See 1:8- 11 note.) According to 1:18-21, what will happen to all who oppose God’s people? (See 1:20-21 note.) What was Jerusalem’s condition following the Babylonian exile, and how would that change in the future (2:5)? (See 2:1 note.) What future time period is described in 2:5? (See 2:1 and 2:5 notes.) What and when is “that day” (2:11), where will God’s people come from, and where will the Lord be ? (See 2:10-12 note.) What did Joshua (3:1) represent, what was Satan doing, and how did the Lord respond (3:2)? (See 3:1 and 3:2 note.) How is this similar to what Jesus has done-and still does-for us? What did changing Joshua’s clothes represent (3:4), and what did God expect of him after that (3:7)? (See 3:4 and 3:7 notes.) Who is “the Branch” (3:8), and what would He do for us? (See 3:8 note.)

PRAY: Give thanks for the restoration God has brought to your life and for the restoration He will bring to all the world at the end of time. Thank Jesus for being your advocate and defender against the forces of evil.

ACT: Are Satan’s accusations about the past robbing you of joy and keeping you from the future God intends for you? Wise up to the devil’s ways. Realize that the Holy Spirit has come alongside you, to remind you of Jesus’ forgiveness and empower you to serve His purpose. Realize that your real conflict isn’t with people, but with spiritual forces of evil. Give up your guilt and your grudges and get on with God’s goals for your life.

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