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OT Fire Starters – Day 355: Habakkuk 1-3

READ: Habakkuk 1-3

THINK: Do you ever look around at the immoral, corrupt and ungodly images and behaviors rampant in the world and wonder, “Why doesn’t God do something about this-or at least punish those who promote the perversion?”? Faithful followers of God throughout history have struggled with such issues of seeming injustice. The prophet Habakkuk prayed that God would do something to stop the social corruption and spiritual rebellion among his own people. When God told him what He was going to do, the response only raised more questions in Hababkkuk’s mind. The truth is that we’ll frequently fail to grasp God ways while His work is still in process. Yet if we continue to trust Him, like Habakkuk, we’ll learn that He works all things for the best and His justice always prevails in the end.

RESPOND: With whom does Habakkuk dialog in his prophecy (1:2)? (See 1:1 note, subpoint 1.) What main issue troubled Habakkuk and what was his complaint? (See 1:1 and 1:2-4 notes.) How would God deal with Judah, Hababkkuk’s home nation, for its wickedness and corruption? (See 1:5-11 note.) What prominent world power would God use to carry out His plans (1:6), and why did this bother Habakkuk (1:12-13)? (See 1:1 note, subpoints 1 & 2 and 1:12 note.) What assurance did God give Habakkuk about the Babylonians? (See 2:3 note.) When is the “appointed time” that “will certainly come” when all evil will be put to an end? (See 2:3 note, subpoint 3). What will people who are right with God do between now and when God finally does away with evil (2:4)? (See 2:4 note.) Knowing of God’s powerful miracles of the past, what was Habakkuk’s desire (3:2)? (See 3:2 note.) What was his prayer for the people during the distress that was ahead? (See 3:2 note, subpoint 2.) Even though God’s judgment was coming on Judah, why did Habakkuk rejoice, and what confidence did he have? (See 3:18-19 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for allowing you to come to Him with your questions. Pray that you will always do so with a submissive and sincere heart of faith in God. Give thanks that God’s justice will prevail in the end.

ACT: Are you troubled by a situation in which someone is being treated unjustly? Perhaps you’re encountering opposition because of your faith? Ask God to help you do what you can-no more and no less-to improve the situation. Then trust Him to take care of the rest, while you continue to pray for those involved.

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