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OT Fire Starters – Day 353: Micah 6-7

READ: Micah 6-7

THINK: What does God want from me? Have you ever asked yourself-or asked Him-that question? This passage contains an answer in one of the great summary statements of the Bible. Micah 6:8 concisely conveys God’s standard of goodness and describes how He expects His people to conduct themselves. “To act justly” means practicing, pursuing and promoting truth and honesty in our dealings with others. “To love mercy” is to show heartfelt, active compassion to people. “To walk humbly” with God involves showing constant gratitude and total reliance on Him. Keep in mind that these things can’t save us spiritually. That comes only by faith-accepting Jesus’ forgiveness and entrusting our lives to Him. Yet, those who truly surrender to Christ-who pursue His purposes and strive to develop His character-will practice the principles of this passage in their daily lives.

RESPOND: What case did God have against Israel (6:1-5)? (See 6:1-5 note.) What had God done for His people in the past (6:4-5), and how did they treat Him in return? (See 6:3-5 note.) Rather than religious routines and ritual sacrifices, what really mattered to God and what does He require of His people (6:8)? (See 6:8 note.) What does it mean to “act justly”? (See 6:8 note, subpoint 1.) How will it show if you truly “love mercy,” and how can this reflect love for God? (See 6:8 note, subpoint 2.) What does it mean “to walk humbly with your God”? (See 6:8 note, subpoint 3.) What does 7:1-4 indicate about how corrupt people had become? According to 7:5-6, how were family and “friends” treating each other? Whose grief is expressed as chapter 7 begins, and how is this an example for godly people today? (See 7:1-7 note.) What was Micah’s hope through all of this (7:7) and why can we have the same assurance? (See 7:7 note.) What can we do to share our hope with others?

PRAY: Ask God to help you treat others with a kind of love, fairness and humility that gives a good impression of what Jesus is like. Pray for a powerful work of God to combat spiritual corruption in your community.

ACT: Treat people fairly and give consideration to others above yourself in every situation. Show God’s love in practical ways through random acts of kindness and by helping people in any ways you can. Make a special point to treat your family members well and to help around your home.

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