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OT Fire Starters – Day 34: Exodus 26-27

READ: Exodus 26-27

THINK: The LORD is the God of perfection, precision and purpose, and though He is far beyond our comprehension, He’s still an ultimately personal God. Throughout human history, His primary plans have always centered around making a way for people to meet and connect with Him. If you submit yourself to God, accept His forgiveness and entrust your life to Him, you can experience the power of His presence continually. As a follower of Jesus, nothing can separate you from God’s loving purpose if you choose to accept it.

RESPOND: Why do you think God gave such precise guidelines for constructing the tabernacle? (See 26:1 note.) What does this reveal about God’s character and plans? What was the purpose and significance of the curtain in front of the Ark, separating the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place? (See 26:30 note.) In what way was access to God’s presence restricted and why? Who could enter the Most Holy Place and why? What was the purpose of the altar? (See 27:1 and 27:2 notes.) Why do you think the tabernacle as called “The Tent of Meeting” (27:21)? Why were the lamps in the tent to be kept lit and burning continually? (See 27:20-21 note.) In what way does the continual light represent what God does for you?

PRAY: Express gratitude for the fact that you are not separated from God’s presence, but that His Spirit is always with you and you have constant access to God through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ.

ACT: As you may have done yesterday, spend extra time today enjoying God’s presence. Develop a positive, daily habit of this. Shut the door to your room and worship God to music, or take a long walk and talk with God along the way. As you go through the day, maintain an intense awareness of God’s presence at all times. This should make a positive and productive difference in your attitudes, actions, conversations and faith level.

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