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OT Fire Starters – Day 339: Daniel 7-8

READ: Daniel 7-8

THINK: If you’ve ever studied history on any level, you know that one thing is clear. Countless kingdoms, empires and nations have risen and fallen-and they will continue to do so until the end of time, when only one will be left standing. That kingdom will endure forever-and no matter who you are and where you spend your time on earth, you can be part of that kingdom through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. All who have entrusted their lives to Christ and been faithful to their Creator “will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever” (7:18). As part of God’s eternal kingdom, they will never again face oppression or uncertainty. Instead, they will share in Jesus’ victory over all evil and will reign with Christ in perfect peace for eternity.

RESPOND: What are the two primary interpretations regarding the nations represented by the four beasts in Daniel’s dream? (See 7:3 note.) If they represent kingdoms of the past, what four are they? (See 7:3 note, subpoints 1-4.) Who does the little horn of 7:8 represent, and what attitudes and actions characterize him (7:24-25)? (See 7:8 note.) Who is “the Ancient of Days” (7:9), and what is He doing in this passage (7:10)? (See 7:9 note.) What did He do to the little horn, or “the beast” (7:11)? Who is the “one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven” (7:13), what does He possess (7:14), and how do people respond to Him? (See 7:13 note.) How long will His kingdom endure (7:14)? What does it mean that “the saints of the Most High will receive the kingdom and will possess it forever” (7:18)? (See 7:18 note.) How will the antichrist behave toward God (7:21), and how long will the antichrist persecute followers of Christ before he is destroyed? (See 7:24-25 note.) Who is Gabriel (8:16) who told Daniel the meaning of the vision? (See 8:16 note.) To what time period does Daniel’s vision relate (8:17,19,26)?

PRAY: Give praise to “the Ancient of Days”-the Eternal One and Ruler over all things. Thank Him for the opportunity to be part of His eternal Kingdom and to share in the ultimate, enduring victory of His Son, Jesus. Pray for a powerful work of God to take place in your nation so many people will come to know Jesus before it’s too late.

ACT: If you get into a conversation about national or world events, trust God to help you turn the conversation to spiritual issues, including God’s activity in the world, in history, and in individual lives.

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