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OT Fire Starters – Day 331: Ezekiel 39-40

READ: Ezekiel 39-40

THINK: Have you ever failed or suffered a defeat and tried to blame God for letting you down? The fact is that even as you faithfully follow God, He will sometimes allow you to experience disappointments and setbacks in order to strengthen your character and teach you to trust Him. Then again, disregarding, disobeying and defying also leads to defeat and ultimately brings judgment. But one thing is certain, whether your troubles are your own fault or not, they are never due to any weakness or inadequacy on God’s part. He’s more than capable of achieving any purpose and winning any battle, with or without your cooperation. And yet, as you trust Christ, He will help you overcome any obstacle and succeed through any setback as He takes you on to ultimate victory.

RESPOND: What will happen to Gog and his armies, and ultimately to all of Israel’s enemies? (See 39:1-29 note.) How will God rescue His people, and why (39:6-7)? (See 39:6 note.) How will this time be remembered among God’s people (39:13)? How long will it take to bury the dead after this conflict (39:12-15)? What will the birds and animals do after the battle (39:17-20)? How is God’s glory displayed through judgment on the wicked (39:21)? What will God prove to the nations that thought Israel’s past problems and defeats were due to God’s weakness (39:22-24)? What character traits does God demonstrate by saving and restoring Israel (39:25-27)? What was God’s purpose in giving the vision of a renewed temple (ch. 40)? What are the three main interpretations of the temple vision? (See 40:5 first note, subpoints 1-3.) Regardless of the interpretation, what’s the primary point of the vision? (See 40:5 first note, last two subpoints.)

PRAY: Give God thanks and praise for His compassion, grace and holiness. Praise Him because He always proves His power and fulfills all His purposes.

ACT: Have you failed in some way that you know is related to disobedience or faithlessness toward God? Ask Him to forgive you and help you obey from now on. Then watch Him bring success the next time. If you feel that you’re facing a battle because of your faith and obedience to God, keep trusting Him for the ultimate victory.

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