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OT Fire Starters – Day 325: Ezekiel 27-28

READ: Ezekiel 27-28

THINK: “Take charge of your life.” “Do what’s best for you.” “Be true to yourself.” These seemingly sound words of advice are popular, particularly among idealistic young people, but they aren’t in agreement with God’s purposes. While we’re free to choose our way, and God does intend for us to have a fulfilling life, He doesn’t expect us to be in charge of our own lives. He created us to find fulfillment as we surrender to His leadership and live according to His truth. People who pursue their own priorities-things like popularity, beauty, wealth and influence- arrogantly assume that they know better than God. Those who deceive themselves like that-who act as if they are their own god-will meet with the same fate as the people and prince of Tyre. But those who submit to God and His priorities and purposes will experience lasting fulfillment and eternal life with the Lord.

RESPOND: In what did the city of Tyre take pride (27:3,27), and what would ultimately come of these things (27:33-34)? (See 27:1-36 note.) What was the primary sin of Tyre’s king (28:2), and how did this attitude affect his thinking? (See 28:1-10 note.) How is this mind-set similar to how many people today regard themselves, and what will happen to these people? (See 28:1-10 note.) What caused the king of Tyre to become proud (28:5,17), and what danger does this present to many people today? Ezekiel’s prophecy against the king of Tyre seems to be an indirect but implied description of whom? (See 28:12 note.) Why and in what way is Satan a ruler in the world and what already led to his demise? (See 28:12 note.) What promise does God give Israel in 28:24-26, and when will this promise ultimately be fulfilled? (See 28:25 note.)

PRAY: Pray that you remain humble and that you keep your priorities in proper order. Give God thanks for His promises to give His people ultimate rest and reward.

ACT: Are you in any way overemphasizing your appearance, personal accomplishments or material possessions? Keep these things in proper perspective, and give them attention only in ways that honor Christ.

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