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OT Fire Starters – Day 324: Ezekiel 24-26

READ: Ezekiel 24-26

THINK: Have you ever watched an international event or competition? How are people identified? Often it’s by their country of origin. Nationality is a large part of our identity. According to Scripture, it’s also part of our accountability. The Bible speaks of judgment, not only of individuals, but of nations. Throughout history, nations have risen and fallen according to their treatment of God. When Ezekiel prophesied the destruction of nations, among their primary sins was the belief that Israel’s God-the true God-was no greater than the “gods” of other nations. This same arrogant attitude is common today among those who insist that all religions are essentially the same. Christians are criticized as being narrow-minded and hateful for claiming that Jesus is the only way to spiritual salvation. But that’s God’s own claim (cf. John 14:6), and He’s the one to whom all people-and nations-will one day give account.

RESPOND: What was significant about “this very date” mentioned in 24:2? (See 24:2 note.) What did the cooking pot parable symbolize? (See 24:3-12 note.) What would it ultimately take to cleanse Jerusalem (24:13)? (See 24:13 note.) Why did God tell Ezekiel not to grieve publicly after his wife’s death (24:15-24)? (See 24:16 note.) What does Ezekiel’s obedience reveal about his character and relationship with God? (See 24:18 note.) What do the prophecies beginning in chapter 25 reveal about all nations in relation to God? (See 25:1-32:32 note.) What was the Ammonites’ main offense against God (25:2)? (See 25:2-3 note.) Who are the “people of the East” (25:4,10) who would overtake the nations? (See 25:4 note.) What was Moab’s attitude toward God and His people (25:8), and how is this like the attitudes of many people today? (See 25:8 note.) Why did Tyre celebrate Jerusalem’s destruction (26:2), and what would happen to its objects of pride? (See 26:2 note.) How are Tyre’s attitudes, desires and priorities evident among people today?

PRAY: Give thanks for how God’s discipline and judgment bring spiritual cleansing and maturity. Praise God as the only true God.

ACT: Do something to outwardly identify with Christ. For example, wear a shirt with a Christian message, carry your Bible, or do a project that acknowledges Jesus. Be sure your words and actions honor God too.

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