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OT Fire Starters – Day 317: Ezekiel 8-10

READ: Ezekiel 8-10

THINK: Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching? It might help if more people in the world had that sense, particularly in regard to God. Like those to whom Ezekiel delivered God’s warnings, many people today seem to be under the impression that God doesn’t see what they’re up to. By persistently resisting God and disregarding His Word, they’ve dulled their spiritual senses to the point that they’re deaf to God’s voice and blind to His activity. While we can’t force people to see that God is watching and that He eventually judges sin, we can help them become more aware of God’s presence as we live in a way that reflects Christ’s character, reaches out with His compassion, and responds to adversity with His peace and power. As people see more of Jesus in us, they may become more aware of His presence and power and more responsive to His plans and purposes for them.

RESPOND: Why did God take Ezekiel to Jerusalem (8:3), and what did he see there? (See 8:3 note.) How would God respond to idol worship in the temple (8:5-6), and how is this a warning to people in the church? (See 8:6 note.) Because of people’s wickedness, what would God do-or not do-when they shouted out to Him (8:18)? Who were the “six men” (9:2), and what was their assignment? (See 9:2 note.) Who received a mark from the angel with the writing kit, and what happened to these individuals? (See 9:4 note.) Where and with whom did God’s judgment begin (9:6), and how is this a warning to us? (See 9:6 note.) Why were those who defied God under the impression that He didn’t see them (9:9), and how is this like people today? What did the burning coals scattered over the city symbolize? (See 10:2 note.) What was happening with God’s glory in relation to the temple (10:18), and why? (See 10:4 note.) How would you describe “the glory of God”? (See article on The Glory of God, p. 1066 in the FBSE.)

PRAY: Pray that you never take God’s presence for granted, but that you remain sensitive to His voice, responsive to His guidance and grateful for His power in your life.

ACT: Go through the day with a keen awareness of God’s presence and watchful eye. Let this inspire greater faith and obedience. Behave toward others in a way that gives them an accurate impression of Jesus.

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