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OT Fire Starters – Day 309: Jeremiah 48-49

READ: Jeremiah 48-49

THINK: In what, or in whom-do you trust? It comes down to what you rely on for satisfaction, support and security. It has to do with what gives you a sense of purpose or a mark of identity. It’s apparent by what gets your primary time and attention. All this is vital because whatever you depend on to fill these needs and desires ultimately determines how your life will be measured. The nations on which Jeremiah pronounced God’s judgment relied on material wealth, military might, political alliances, past accomplishments and false gods-things that eventually led to their downfall. We must never allow people or things to distract us from continual dependence on God. Only He is worthy of total trust, and only as we entrust our lives to Him will we be safe and secure at the time of judgment.

RESPOND: In what way did the Moabites take advantage of Judah after the Babylonian invasion? (See 48:1 note.) What did the Moabites trust, and how did this contribute to their corruption and downfall (48:7)? How is Moab like many nations throughout history, and how are its misguided dependence and total destruction an example to all nations? (See 48:7 note.) In what way do people bring trouble or a “curse” on themselves by not doing what God intends (48:10)? How had Moab acted toward God and God’s people (48:26-27), and how did this attitude come back against Moab (48:39)? In what ways is arrogance destructive (48:29-30), and how can it lead to the downfall of individuals and nations? What were some of Ammon’s sins (:1-6)? (See :1 note.) Who were the Edomites, and what were their offenses against God (:7-22)? (See :7 note.) Though Edom would be devastated, who would the Lord protect (:11)? How did the Edomites deceive themselves and set themselves up for a downfall (:16)? (See :16 note.) What country now occupies the land of the ancient Elamites? (See :34-39 note.)

PRAY: Ask the Holy Spirit for a strong sense of correction any time that pride, inconsideration, materialism or dependence on things other than God creep into your life.

ACT: Treat people right. Do what God wants you to do without hesitation or compromise. Don’t be arrogant in any way. Be generous with what you have and in what you do.

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