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OT Fire Starters – Day 297: Jeremiah 17-18

READ: Jeremiah 17-18

THINK: How’s your life shaping up? Whether or not things are turning out as you like or expect, your life matters to God more than you know, and He has a perfect plan for you. But it’s important to remain pliable in the hands of the “Master Potter.” That means being open to correction and willing to change when necessary. Jeremiah’s message is important when it comes to understanding who God is and what He wants to do in and through our lives. He doesn’t intend for us to become entrenched in meaningless religious acts that have no positive impact for God’s kingdom. Instead, God wants to work with us every day, transforming us into individuals who are suited for His highest purpose. All the while, we must recognize that we are works in progress with a goal to become more like the Savior we serve.

RESPOND: What happens to those whose trust centers around human capabilities and resources (17:5)? (See 17:5-8 note.) How does God describe those who trust in Him, and why don’t they have to worry (17:7-8)? How does 17:9 describe the heart, and why? (See 17:9 note.) According to 17:10, what does God search and examine, and on what basis does He reward people? How were people taunting Jeremiah (17:15), and how did he find strength to withstand the pressure? (See 17:14-18 note.) At the potter’s house, what comparison did God make regarding His relationship with Judah? (See 18:2 note.) What spiritual principles can you learn from the potter’s work with clay, and how do they relate to God’s work in our lives? (See 18:2 note, subpoints 1-4.) What would have happened had Judah repented and returned to God (18:8)? On what basis might God alter His stated intentions or change His dealings with people? (See 18:8 note.) What does this reveal about the nature of God’s plans and promises?

PRAY: Pray that your trust will always be founded on and centered around God and His Word. Ask the Lord to search your heart and examine your mind to expose anything that is unworthy so you can confess and turn from it. Ask God to break, mold and shape you in any way He sees fit for His purposes.

ACT: Do you sense a particular area in which God is trying to break or reshape you to be more like Christ? Don’t resist His refining and purifying work. Submit yourself in that area and let God develop you as He knows best.

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