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OT Fire Starters – Day 291: Jeremiah 5-6

READ: Jeremiah 5-6

THINK: Most people hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe. They surround themselves with like minds and listen only to those who confirm their views and condone their behaviors. They’ll even twist and distort God’s Word to accommodate their opinions and lifestyles. Like those to whom Jeremiah prophesied, people today insist on promoting their own ways and finding their own path to peace, happiness and fulfillment. In they same way, they’ll not escape the judgment that their own attitudes and actions will eventually bring on them. Only those who surrender to the One who created them and knows their ultimate purpose will find the true path to peace and the road to reward.

RESPOND: How morally corrupt had the people of Jerusalem become (5:1-2)? (See 5:1-9 note.) According to 5:3, what does God look for, and how had people responded to God’s correction? Why did God reject many who claimed to be devoted to Him (5:10), and how is this a warning to people today, particularly in the church? (See 5:10 note.) How do many people deceive themselves regarding questionable behavior and their relationship with God (5:12)? (See 5:12 note.) According to 5:15-17, how would God bring judgment, and how did this relate to Judah’s worship of foreign “gods” (5:18-19)? What did it mean that the people didn’t fear God (5:22), and how did this affect them (5:24-25)? (See 5:22 note.) What does it mean that “the prophets prophesy lies” (5:31), and why did the people love that? (See 5:31 note.) Why was judgment on Judah inevitable? (See 6:1-30 note.) Why is God’s Word offensive to many people today (6:10)? Who was giving the people a false sense of peace (6:14)? (See 6:14 note.) Why did God tell the people to “ask for the ancient paths” (6:16), and what would they find if they did? (See 6:16 note.)

PRAY: Pray that God’s Spirit will always challenge you to remain faithful to God’s truth and to humbly receive His correction when necessary. Pray for people who seem to be offended by the truth of God’s Word.

ACT: Rid your life of questionable behavior that could in any way compromise your devotion to God or give you a false sense of security despite spiritual carelessness.

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