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OT Fire Starters – Day 288: Isaiah 64-66

READ: Isaiah 64-66

THINK: Do you ever wonder why we don’t often see the powerful works of God we read about in the Bible? Perhaps you’ve heard testimonies of miracles from far off places where people are hearing about Jesus for the first time. But in cultures that seem saturated with a gospel that’s either been watered down or rejected, there appears to be little evidence of God’s power. In the midst of a sin-soaked society, Isaiah had a passionate desire for God to renew His work among His people in undeniable ways. He wanted God to be known and honored among the nations for doing “awesome things” (64:3). If you share this desire, then prepare to be used by God. Pursue purity, pray passionately, obey persistently, serve practically and wait patiently for the Lord to act in His own way and time.

RESPOND: What does Isaiah plead for in chapter 64, and why? (See 64:1-5 note.) How is this an example for you? According to 64:4-5, for whom does God do great things and who does He help? (See 64:4 note.) Because of His perfect justice, how would God respond to the people’s persistent rebellion, and who would He use in the process? (See 65:1-7 note.) Why wouldn’t God allow Israel to be completely destroyed (65:8-9)? (See 65:9 note.) What end-time periods does Isaiah blend together in 65:17-25? (See 65:17-25 note.) What will life and life spans be like during Christ’s thousand-year reign following His second coming? (See 65:20 note.) How will nature be affected during that time? (See 65:25 note.) According to 66:1-2, who does God honor? (See 66:2 note.) When will the Lord execute the judgment described in 66:15-16? (See 66:15 note.) What will happen following Christ’s thousand-year reign at the end of time, both to those who followed God and those who rejected Him? (See 66:22-24 note.)

PRAY: Pray passionately that God would reveal His power in an undeniable way to those around you. Ask Him to prepare you to be used in this way. Give God thanks for the part He’s prepared for you in His future kingdom.

ACT: Dare to believe God for something-or trust Him to help you start something-big and bold enough that it can only succeed with His help. Start a new ministry. Reach out to someone who seems unreachable. Or determine to intercede for your group, church, school, coworkers or family until God delivers a spiritual breakthrough.

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