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OT Fire Starters – Day 278: Isaiah 42-43

READ: Isaiah 42-43

THINK: Do you ever feel that because Jesus was God in human form, He had advantages that you don’t have regarding spiritual power and connection with His Father? The fact is that in coming to earth, Jesus put aside those “advantages” and lived the way His followers must continue to live-as people fully dependent on the Holy Spirit for insight, comfort, guidance, and power. Following Jesus’ example, you have access to the same advantages of the Spirit’s presence in your life. Because of that, you have the same responsibility to communicate Christ’s message to people who don’t know Him. For this reason, Christ “baptizes” His followers in the Holy Spirit -“immersing” them in the Spirit’s power and filling them with His presence so they too can carry out Christ’s commission (Acts 1:8).

RESPOND: Who is the “servant” and “chosen one” Isaiah refers to in 42:1? (See 42:1-7 note.) What does it mean that the Spirit would be upon the “chosen one” (42:1), and how does this relate to Jesus’ followers? (See 42:1 first note.) In what way would the Messiah “bring justice to the nations” (42:1), and how does this relate to the responsibility Jesus’ followers have? (See 42:1 second note.) In what way would Christ secure the freedom described in 42:7? (See 42:7 note.) In what way had God’s people made themselves blind and deaf (42:18-22), and what would happen to them as a result? (See 42:18-25 note.) What assurance does God give His people in chapter 43? (See 43:1-28 note.) What hope and confidence does 43:2-3 give you? What definitive statements does God make about himself in 43:10-11, and how does this contradict what many people today believe? In what way had the people not wearied themselves (43:22), and how had they “wearied” God instead (43:24)? If the people didn’t change, what would eventually happen? (See 43:22-28 note.) According to 43:25, why does God forgive and forget sins?

PRAY: Pray for a greater measure of the Holy Spirit’s power in your life and for greater sensitivity to the Spirit’s direction. Pray that God will use you however He chooses to reach and influence people for Christ.

ACT: View yourself as a missionary wherever you are today. Demonstrate Jesus’ compassion to everyone with whom you interact. Help and encourage those who are hurting or in need of encouragement. Trust God to lead you into conversations about faith and spiritual matters with those who are ready to hear about Jesus.

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