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OT Fire Starters – Day 275: Isaiah 35-37

READ: Isaiah 35-37

THINK: How do you respond when times are desperate and disaster seems inevitable? Do you hold on to hope? Do you trust God no matter what you see or hear? Or do you believe for a miracle? In a world that defies God and seems to have it’s own way without consequences, it’s easy to lose confidence that God will intervene. But when faced with such fears Hezekiah submitted to God and trusted Him with the outcome. The Assyrians arrogantly claimed that God wasn’t powerful enough to save Jerusalem. The enemy implied that it would take a miracle and that this was no time to expect such a thing. Satan uses similar tactics today to convince us that in desperate times we should not expect the supernatural. But just as He did for Judah, God can work a miracle for you.

RESPOND: In what way does Isaiah’s message change focus and tone in chapter 35, and what makes the difference? (See 35:1-2 note.) What benefits accompany God’s powerful presence among His people? What are the various applications and fulfillments of the conditions described in chapter 35? (See 35:1-2 note.) What will the Lord’s return mean for those who opposed Him and for those who remained faithful to Him? (See 35:4 note.) How did Jesus apply 35:5-6, and how can this affect us? (See 35:5-6 note.) What is “the Way of Holiness” (35:8) and who walks in it (35:9)? (See 35:8-10 note.) How did the Assyrian commander try to undermine the confidence of those in Jerusalem? (See 36:4-10 note.) How does Satan use similar tactics against us? (See 36:20 note.) How is Hezekiah’s response to Sennacherib’s letter an example to you (37:14-20)? (See 37:1 note.) What did Hezekiah want all nations to see through this situation (37:20)? What happened to the Assyrian king as a result of defying God (37:33-38)?

PRAY: Give thanks for God’s powerful Word and presence that brings hope, help, healing and the promise of heaven for those who trust Him. Pray that you won’t let Satan steal your confidence in God’s power and promises.

ACT: Are you-or is anyone you know-facing a desperate situation or need a miracle of healing, provision or rescue? Demonstrate trust in God by praying for help every time you’re tempted to worry. If someone you know has the need, ask if you can pray for him or her in person believing God for the help only He can give.

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