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OT Fire Starters – Day 269: Isaiah 23-24

READ: Isaiah 23-24

THINK: When you consider all of the corruption, crisis and chaos in the world, does it sometimes seem that evil forces and ungodly people have the upper hand and are able to do whatever they want? For the time being, it may seem that evil and injustice go unchecked and unpunished, but there will come a time when God’s judgment will be unleashed on the world because of people’s immorality and wickedness. Though sin and rebellion against God may seem to prevail at present, God has determined a dreadful and inescapable doom for all who take pleasure in ungodly behavior. In the end, the Lord’s justice will prevail and His people will triumph.

RESPOND: Where was Tyre, what was it’s primary business, and what were its people like? (See 23:1 note.) How did Tyre attract and conduct business with other nations (23:17)? (See 23:17 note.) When God restored the city, who would benefit from its wealth (23:18)? When will the events prophesied beginning in chapter 24 occur? (See 24:1-27:13 note.) During what specific period will God devastate the earth? (See 24:1 note.) Why will God judge the world this way (24:5-6)? (See 24:5 note.) Who will be affected by this devastation (24:2-3)? (See 24:6 note.) Who will shout with joy (24:14), and why? (See 24:14 note.) Despite this rejoicing, why was Isaiah grieved (24:16ff)? (See 24:16 note.) Who will be caught by terrors, pits and snares (24:17-18), and why? (See 24:17 note.) How can people escape these things? (See 24:17 note.) Who are “the powers in the heavens above” (24:21), and how will God judge them (24:22)? (See 24:21 note.) When will the Lord reign as described in 24:23? (See 24:23 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for the fact that He will one day destroy the corrupt world system, and He will spare His people from the judgment that awaits the wicked. Pray for people you know who don’t know Jesus, that they will respond to His offer of forgiveness and eternal life before it’s too late.

ACT: Trust God to help you start a conversation today with at least one person who is looking for answers, help, hope, or is simply curious about spiritual issues. It may not be difficult to encounter individuals in this situation, but it will likely take a bold effort to speak up and let people know what you’ve found through faith in Christ.

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