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OT Fire Starters – Day 267: Isaiah 15-18

READ: Isaiah 15-18

THINK: Do you ever tend to forget God? Do you sometimes lose awareness of His presence or activity? Do you neglect time with God? Or do you simply take for granted His care and provision in your life? God’s people through the ages have struggled with a nasty habit of forgetting God and disregarding His instructions and intentions. That’s easy to do if we’re not careful. Jesus warns that the worries of life, the deceitfulness of wealth, and the pursuit of sinful pleasures can distract us from devotion to God and prevent His Word from having effect in our lives.

RESPOND: Who or what was Moab, and why would it be destroyed? (See 15:1 note.) Even though Moab opposed God’s people and brought destruction on itself, how did the Lord feel toward the victims of destruction (15:5), and why? (See 15:5 note.) How is this an example to you regarding those who oppose you and defy God today? What is “the mount of the Daughter of Zion,” and how could the refugees from Moab find safety there? (See 16:1-5 note.) Looking to the future, when did Isaiah see an end to destruction and oppression (16:4-5)? (See 16:4-5 note.) What attitude led to the Moabite’s demise (16:6)? (See 16:6-13 note.) What was Damascus, what would happen to it, and why would Israel (Ephraim) also suffer in relation to Damascus? (See 17:1-6 note.) How does the downfall and destruction of many nations mentioned in these chapters serve as a warning to us regarding our associations? (See 17:1-6 note.) What good would ultimately come of God’s judgments and what would terrible times cause people to do (17:7-8)? (See 17:7 note.) Why do people-even those who have known God-tend to forget or neglect Him (17:10)? (See 17:10 note.) What are some signs and symptoms of fading devotion to God, and how can you guard against this in your own life?

PRAY: Give God thanks that His justice is united with compassion. Ask God to give you wisdom and discretion regarding the people, activities and things with which you associate.

ACT: Demonstrate compassion and kindness to those who may tend to dislike or oppose you. Also, if you are associated with anyone or anything that influences you negatively, make a change in that relationship.

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