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OT Fire Starters – Day 253: Proverbs 29-31

READ: Proverbs 29-31

THINK: Almost any great plan, purpose or endeavor starts with a vision-an overriding sense of purpose and possibility that prepares the mind and inspires the spirit to go for goals and aim for achievements that otherwise seem impossible. That’s the kind of faith adventures God wants us to pursue. But such endeavors cannot be successful through our own ideas, ingenuity and efforts. We must trust God’s guidance and rely on the revelation He’s given us through His Word. Apart from intense devotion to God and bold declaration of His truth, even godly people lose spiritual passion and tend to get sidetracked by ungodly activity. Only as we obey the principles of God’s Word can we resist the tendency to conform to worldly patterns and find the inspiration to fulfill God’s highest purposes.

RESPOND: What happens to a person who repeatedly resists correction (29:1), and how does this apply to one’s response to God? (See 29:1 note.) According to 29:7, what kind of people care about justice for the poor and what kind of people don’t? (See 29:7 note.) How does a fool deal with anger compared to how a wise person deals with it (29:11)? What does it mean, “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint” (29:18), and how does this relate to God’s Word? (See 29:18 note.) How can fear of what other people think or do be “a snare” (29:25), and how does trusting God prevent this? What does it mean to add to God’s words (30:6), and how does God view those who do this? (See 30:6 note.) How is the prayer in 30:8 an example for us? (See 30:8 note.) According to 30:9, how can having too much-or too little-cause a person to dishonor God? According to chapter 31, what are some traits and behaviors of a “wife of noble character” (31:10)? What are her priorities, and why? (See 31:10-31 note.) In what ways is she strong, capable, responsible, independent and honorable? How does modern culture tend to evaluate women, and how does this compare with the kind of woman who is truly praiseworthy (31:30)?

PRAY: Pray for a good attitude regarding discipline and correction. Pray that God will help you control your temper and develop greater patience. Ask God to supply your needs-no more and no less. Thank Him for doing so.

ACT: Call, write or send a message expressing personal appreciation to a strong, faithful, supportive woman who has played a significant role in your life. If the person is no longer living, tell someone about her.

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