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OT Fire Starters – Day 234: Psalms 120-127

READ: Psalms 120-127

THINK: How do you feel about the fact that God is always watching-always looking out for you? Whether that provides comfort or provokes anxiety probably depends on how you’re living. The constant presence of the One who knows everything about you-and still loves you more than anyone-should inspire peace and a positive outlook. If you aren’t right with God, His presence can convince you to change. If your relationship is right, His presence will inspire faith, further obedience and ultimate fulfillment. Awareness of God’s presence can also keep you from wasting time on meaningless pursuits, helping to ensure that you’re following God’s plans for your life.

RESPOND: What are the group of psalms from 120 to 134 called, what’s the likely meaning of this title and how were these used in Biblical times? (See 120-134 note.) What’s the main idea of Psalm 120, and what assurance does that give you? (See 120:1-7 note.) Why must we rely on God’s help above anyone or anything else? (See 121:2 note.) What comfort do you get from Psalm 121? (See 121:5 and 121:8 notes.) How can knowing that God is always watching over you (121:8) affect your attitudes and actions? What should God’s followers do for the city of Jerusalem (122:6-9)? With what attitude should people look to God and why? (See Psalm 123:1 note.) What would have happened to ancient Israelites-and to us-“if the LORD had not been on our side” (124:1-2)? (See 124:1 note.) What does it mean that “those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy” (126:5), and how does this relate to prayer and God’s work? (See 126:5-6 note.) According to Psalm 127, why is it crucial that our efforts in life are aimed at fulfilling God’s plans in God’s ways? (See 127:1 note.) Why is peaceful sleep a blessing from God? (See 127:2 note.) How should parents view their children, and why should they depend on God in raising them? (See 127:3 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for constantly watching over you, and ask Him to keep you aware of His presence. Give thanks for your church and the opportunity to worship and serve with others. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

ACT: Prioritize the day’s tasks around what you believe God would have you do. Whatever that is, do it His way. Do your work and assignments with excellence. Show good attitudes. Help others along the way.

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