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OT Fire Starters – Day 233: Psalm 119:89-176

READ: Psalms 119:89-176

THINK: Do you think you’re smarter than the average person? Well, that really doesn’t matter. God doesn’t want you to have an arrogant attitude about yourself or anything else. Yet, as you spend time in God’s Word and then apply what you learn, you can’t help but gain wisdom and insight that eludes those who don’t follow Christ (v. 98). Through devotion to God’s Word, you’ll learn to see life as God sees it, value what He values and love what He loves. You’ll better understand why He does what He does and what He wants to do through you.

RESPOND: Why do you think the psalm writer takes such delight in understanding and obeying God’s Word? According to verse 89, how stable and how enduring is God’s Word? What would have happened to the psalmist if he hadn’t delighted in God’s Word (v. 92)? When does he meditate on God’s Word (v. 97)? How does God’s commands make us wiser than those who oppose us for our faith in God (vv. 98-100)? What does it mean, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path” (v. 105)? (See 119:105 note.) What does it meant to hate double-mindedness (v. 113), and how can God’s Word keep us from being hypocritical? (See 119:113 note.) On what basis can God’s people request His help? (See 119:121 note.) Why does the writer “hate every wrong path” (vv. 127-128)? According to verse 136, what grieves the psalm writer, and how is this an example to you? (See 119:136 note.) What does the psalmist do when he’s up late at night (v. 148), and how do you think this benefits him? Why does the writer experience such a distinct sense of God’s nearness? (See 119:151 note.) According to verse 155, why is salvation far from the wicked? According to verse 165, what do those who love God’s law enjoy?

PRAY: Pray for the desire, devotion and discipline to put God’s Word into practice in every aspect of your life.

ACT: Again, carry your Bible and read through this portion of Psalm 119 during free times. Make every effort to put what you learn into practice right away. Consider how God’s Word is directing your path throughout the day.

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