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OT Fire Starters – Day 229: Psalms 109-112

READ: Psalms 109–112

THINK: Have you ever been abandoned or betrayed by a friend? Perhaps you trusted someone with a secret and they broke your trust. Worse yet, they accused you of something terrible or turned against you completely, making every effort to make your life miserable. Jesus knows how you feel-and much more. He was betrayed to His death. Yet He gave His life willingly to have a relationship with you. Regardless of how others treat you, the Lord will never forsake you. When others abandon you and it seems there’s no one to trust, you can always talk to Jesus, and He listens. And in God’s Word, you’ll find answers and understanding to help you face anything with His help.

RESPOND: What’s the main concern in Psalm 109, and what did the writer recognize as the only way to protect the innocent and promote order in society? (See 109:1-31 note.) Whom did the writer trust to defend him when others slandered, hated and falsely accused him (109:1-5,30-31)? What did the writer do in response to the attacks, and how is this an example to you (108:4)? When will the Psalm 109 prayer ultimately be fulfilled? (See 109:1-31 note.) About whom is Psalm 110:1-7 speaking, and how are these verses prophetic? (See 110:1-7 note.) Who will ultimately judge the nations, and why? (See 110:6 note.) How does 111:7-8 describe God’s works and His Word? What does it mean that the Lord’s name is “awesome”? (See 111:9 note.) According to 111:10, what is the beginning of wisdom and why? How does “the fear of the LORD” lead to wise choices and how does following God’s commands give understanding? (See 111:10 note.) Why and in what ways is a person “who fears the LORD” blessed by God? (See 112:1-10 note.) What matters most to a God-fearing person? (See 112:1 note.) Why will a godly person “have no fear of bad news”? (See 112:7 note.) What ultimately happens to wicked people’s desires (112:10)?

PRAY: Pray that God’s justice will prevail in situations where you’ve seen people treated unfairly or cruelly. Thank Jesus for being there and listening to you when no one else seems to understand. Give thanks for God’s many blessings-physical, material and spiritual. Ask Him to help you gain wisdom from time in His Word.

ACT: Show kindness to people who have spoken badly about you, and trust God to work through you to influence them positively for Christ. Make wise decisions and be generous as a way of honoring and reflecting Jesus.

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