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OT Fire Starters – Day 228: Psalms 107-108

READ: Psalms 107-108

THINK: Have you ever reached a point where you didn’t know what to do, or found yourself in trouble and had no idea how to get out? Or maybe you had an idea, but it was beyond your control or capability to do anything about it? The feeling can be even worse when the trouble is your own fault. Next time you’re in this situation, there is one thing you can and should do. Try thanking God, because you have the opportunity not only to learn a valuable lesson, but to draw closer to Him. The fact is that God frequently brings His children to a place where their own efforts and abilities fail and where no human can help. He does this so that they might learn to depend on Him and humbly call on Him for help, trusting that He will do what He knows is best.

RESPOND: Why does Psalm 107 say to give thanks (107:1)? What four situations does Psalm 107 use to illustrate how God responds to His follower’s prayers and rescues them in times of trouble and need? (See 107:1-43 note.) What did those described in Psalm 107 do when they were in trouble (vv. 6,13,19,28), and how did God respond? (See 107:6 note.) How did God show mercy to those who were imprisoned (107:10-11,14)? How did some people become fools (107:17)? How and why did God save even those who had rebelled against Him (107:19-20)? How do these examples encourage you? Why does God delight in rescuing people, even when they bring trouble on themselves? (See 107:13 note.) Does this mean that they won’t experience God’s discipline or judgment? Why or why not? How should people respond to God’s rescue and salvation (107:8,15,21-22,31-32)? According to 107:43, who heeds God’s Word and considers His love? What confidence does the writer of Psalm 108 have, even while oppressed by his enemies? (See 108:1-13 note.) What did the writer want to make known among the nations (108:3-5)? What did he trust and what didn’t he trust to bring ultimate victory (108:13)?

PRAY: Give thanks for God’s goodness and His enduring, unfailing love. Thank Him for specific times when He rescued you and showed mercy to you, even when you were unfaithful.

ACT: Do something specific and practical to show God’s love and mercy to someone who doesn’t know Him and who has opposed or rejected you in the past.

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